Dog Harness Vary Support XLong
Dog Harness Vary Support XLong
Dog Harness Vary Support XLong
Dog Harness Vary Support XLong

Dog Harness Vary Support XLong


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Farbe Einfassband
  • adjustable at the neck, belly, chest and rear | ideally adjustable to every dog
  • with chest ring
  • three handles | three waist straps
  • no pressure points | extra strong buckles

- suitable for all dogs
- for growing young dogs
- Everyday crockery
- towline
- Hike
- for senior dogs
- with an additional ring also a training harness
- for more safety with animal shelter dogs and fear dogs etc.

  • Manufactured by hand in Switzerland

The Vary Support X-Long consists of two parts. The front part is comparable to the Vary Support harness, but this is already prepared in such a way that the rear part can only be supplemented. Because the dog is supported along the entire length of the body, the spine does not buckle - because a kink can cause additional pain in an already frail dog.

 Our Vary Support XLong Harness is the ideal harness for old and post-surgery dogs that need help getting up and walking. This harness can also be adjusted anywhere so that it also fits shorn dogs.

The waist straps are adjusted very loosely to give the dog the best possible comfort. So the dog can wear the harness all day without restrictions and can be supported at any time when getting up, climbing stairs, etc.

After a convalescent dog has successfully healed, the rear part can be removed and the front part of the harness can be used as normal everyday harness.

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