All kinds of repairs

Our production facility with its own sewing workshop will be happy to support you with all kinds of repairs. We will modify and repair your Grossenbacher product with the highest quality and professional craftsmanship.

  • Replacing waist belts
  • Repair / renew the surround
  • Renewal of seams
  • Replacement of defective buckles, clasps, carabiners or elements (lost after a defect)
  • We are happy to review other repairs depending on the condition of your product.

Important notes:

  • We are happy to accept your washed dishes for repair!
  • Please enclose the return postage in the package.

Would you like to take the opportunity of a free repair? Please contact us or contact the specialist store where you purchased your Grossenbacher product.

Reparaturen von Hundegeschirr bei Beat Grossenbacher