Sustainability is important to us!

Sustainability has long since arrived in the textile industry. Today it is about more than the production and use of biological raw materials and better working conditions. The economical consumption of water, energy sources and the use of chemical substances also presents production companies in the textile sector with new or recurring challenges at every stage of the value chain.

Beneficial for people, animals and the environment - thanks to careful handling of raw materials and respectful processing! This is the only way we can move and achieve something together. Wherever possible, we also support our suppliers in producing or processing raw materials, colors and much more as environmentally friendly and sustainably as possible.

We keep what we promise!

We don't believe in "fast fashion", but oppose this unnecessary consumer trend by making it a matter of course for us to offer every customer a one-off, free repair guarantee for a Grossenbacher product purchased, no matter how often it has been used or how old it is It is.

Ökologie bei Beat Grossenbacher