Qualität bei Sicherheit ist kein Luxus !

Be bright - ensure you and your animal are seen!

Low quality reflective gear often just refelcts up to 30 meters. This means if a car is traveling at 100 km/h the driver barely can start braking in the time it takes for the car to pass the 30 meters. In the worst case the driver just sees what going to be hit without being able to avoid the crash or even slow down. 

That's why we ensure all our reflective gear is certified at least for EN 471.

Thus our gear is at least visible for 120 meters - giving a driver of a car 4 times more time to react. Keeping you, your animal and the people in the car safe!

And the high quality material used also satisfies the standards requirements regarding washing cycles - ensuring our gear protects you and your animal for a long time.

We also use extra wide reflective stripes on our gear because a stripe that's 5 cm wide reflects between 30 to 50% further than 2.5 cm wide stripe.